Giulia Monteleone, now a former food and wine journalist for La Repubblica (Danish Politiken), kidnapped by the passion for wine, decided to jump on the crazy journey to wine-making; supported by her father Enrico and her partner, the oenologist Benedetto Alessandro.
In 2017 Giulia bought two old Etna "alberello" vineyards on the northern side of Etna.
The first one, in contrada Cuba (550mt above sea level) is very close to the astonishing Alcantara river and Castiglione di Sicilia. This river acts as a border between the black lands of volcanic origin composed of ashes and sands and the white, clayey ones limestone.
The presence of the Alcantara, which creates both a unique microclimate and a unique soil composition, convinced Giulia to invest in that piece of land; close to the splendid Cuba of Santa Domenica, a Byzantine church of the IX century, which gives its name to the district and to the top wine of the cellar.
The second one, in contrada Pontale Palino at 700mt above sea level. 
Giulia's wine are recognised for their incredible elegance and honesty in reflecting the characteristics and the identity of the Etna diversified soil.
Today, she is already mentioned as one of the most interesting upcoming wine-maker in the whole Etna district and in the world
Cuba Etna Rosso comes from old sapling vines planted in 1935 with very low yields, production is just over a thousand bottles. Vinified in small vats, without controlled temperature and with manual punching down, Cuba is aged for a year in French oak tonneaux and then again for a year in the bottle. Currant and blackberry on the nose embellished with spicy and balsamic nuances of Mediterranean scrub, fleshy the sip characterised by a fine tannic texture and great acidity.

"In fact, ours is not a family enterprise, but more simply a family: the care of the vineyard, the production of wine have entered so strongly in our lives that we can no longer trace a line between life and work." - Giulia Monteleone

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