100 years old vine from Monteleone vineyard on Etna


Luca Luca is a wine-import company specialised in Italian volcanic wines.

We decided to focus only on volcanic regions because this is where we have our expertise.

Foremost, because volcanic wines are not comparable with any other wine region.

Our selection is the result of expertise gained on the field and blind assessment of wine.

Getting to know producers, hearing their stories and their methods is great part of our job.

Knowing them personally, indeed, allows us to better know what style and character is going to be reflected inside the bottle. 


Born and raised in between Milano and Sicily, I have been living in Copenhagen since 4 years.

As my grandparents in Sicily used to make their own house-wine, my encounter with the world of wine happened to be very early. 

Despite my studies in Business and Economics brought me towards a career within Marketing, my passion for wine has never faded.

On the contrary, it grew and expanded over the years.


Next to my Business Education, I worked as wine-connoisseur and deepened my knowledge about the world of wine as a self-thought.


My first love in wine has been Piemonte.

Being close to Milan, I had the chance to regularly visit the area and discover its rarities. Gattinara and Roero are, above all, my favourite spots there. 


One day, though, while in Sicily for my summer vacations, I accidentally faced a bottle of Etna Rosso. 

Complex, powerful, elegant, balanced and tannic, it somehow remembered me Piemonte. Although, with its unique combination between minerality, freshness and great power, that bottle made me fall in love again.


Since that day, volcanic wines have been my passion and my focus; the places I would visit in summer and the bottles I would discover on the table. 

As in Denmark volcanic wines seem to be still fairly unknown, I decided to invest my energies and my passion to bring them directly to the Danish tables. 



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